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We have helped thousands of people just like you claim huge sums with our extensive knowledge and expertise and using our sophisticated flight data systems, We will manage the entire flight delay claim process on your behalf until you recieve payment

£1200 claimed

Claimed by a couple and their son on a trip to Turkey that was delayed

£2040 claimed

Claimed by a family of 4 from Middlesbrough when their flight from Newcastle to Dubai was cancelled

£2040 claimed

Claimed by a group of 4 women travelling to a wedding in Cyprus when they were denied boarding

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We take care of the whole flight compensation process


All we ask you is to fill out the flight delay compensation claim form at the top of
this page. we will do everything else

Formal letter sent to airline

We process your flight booking information
and on your behalf we start a formal
communication with the airlines for flight
compensation process

Drafting of Court Proceeding

We take care of all the legal matters that
come along the way of you getting your
compensation all this while you can sit in
the comfort of your house.

Attend court on your behalf

Attending court on your behalf is also
one of our services.

No financial risk

We process your flight booking information
and on your behalf we start a formal
communication with the airlines for flight
compensation process

Claim cross referencing

We cross reference every flight compensation
claim against our huge database to check for
any fradulent entries and thus protect you
from any illegal activity

Frequently asked questions

What if I accepted a booking for another flight can I still claim with you?

If the alternative flight still got you to your destination more than 3 hours late then yes you can claim still, problems only arise in these scenarios when the new accepted flight makes up time in the air and gets you to your destination with less than a 3 hour delay it is unlikely that your claim will be met.

I was travelling with friends and family can I claim for them also?

Of course you can, we will have to gather information about the rest of your party but you can claim for them too. Any claimant under the age of 18 will need an adult to assist with their claim, babies and infants can be claimed for also as long as there was at some point a payment for their ticket. Infant tickets can be claimed regardless of deals or reduced cost and even if no seat was provided, however the ticket must not have been complimentary.

How many years back does the new ruling cover?

6 years is the threshold for historical claims, the EU regulations came into play in 2005 however the airlines have been consistently rejecting claims since then stating technical issues. The recent ruling over Mr Ronald Hussar’s case with Jet2 has removed the option for the airlines to fob you off with this excuse anymore, it is unlikely that any claim over 6 years will be met.

How long will I have to wait for my compensation?

How long is a piece of string? As each case is completely different we can't give you a fixed time frame for your claim. On average we manage to bring claims to fruition quicker than if you deal direct with the air operator or CAA, we have managed to access flight compensation in less than 7 days for some of our clients.

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